Saint Nicholas honored by exhibit in Bari, Italy

An exhibition of artwork depicting Saint Nicholas will be on display in Bari, Italy, the saint's resting place. Saint Nicholas, Art Masterpieces in East and West is jointly organized by the Bari Municipality, the district of Puglia, the Bari University, the local Department of Archaeology, the Archbishopric of Bari and the metropolitan church of Saint Nicholas in Bari, and will be on display until May 6, 2007.

The exhibit will include works by Beato Angelico, Paolo Veneziano, Lorenzo Monaco, Andrea Orcagna, Lorenzo Lotto, Corrado Giaquinto, Alvise e Bartolomeo Vivarini, Jan Steen and Andy Warhol owned by museums and collections throughout the world.

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I did some digging and was able to find only a few articles regarding the exhibit. Unfortunately, they're all in Italian. In case anyone can read the language, here's one: Milica