SCA promotional video available online

Gregor Von Leipzig has announced the production of a free demo video designed to promote the SCA in an educational context.

Gregor Von Leipzig writes:

A year and 4 months ago I undertook a project to create a video that quickly and easily explained the SCA and the myriad of activities available within the SCA. I am sure I missed some so please forgive me. My target audience had a couple of points:
  1. Provide a high quality DVD to any Barony, Canton or Shire for use at demos and any other promotional place they see fit to show it.
  2. Provide a global URL so when anyone has a friend or an acquaintance who is slightly curious, or just does not get what the SCA is, they can go to this URL and see a quick video that will explain.

The video is 4:17 total run time. Can be viewed online by [clicking "original article" below].

If a Barony, Canton, Shire or whom ever else wishes for a DVD, .WMV or .DVIX please e-mail me off list and I will provide a address to snail mail the proper media with a SASE for return. Please allow a couple of days for turn around time.

I hope this is enjoyed by all, as it was made with only the best intentions.

Gregor Von Leipzig

Demo video

A very well made video. It covers what we do in a short time. This would make it great for public demos. Kudos to the producers.

THL Colb'an Itchfoot the Lutemaker