Lady Keina Vis Faces Rapier Challenge in Drachenwald

Signore Antonio di Rienzo reports that there will be a rapier challenge June 8, 2003 at Edzell Castle in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Signore Antonio writes:

The Academy of Fence of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, in the manner of the Ancient Schools of Defense of the Citie of Londone hereby announces and declares that the gentle,

Lady Keina Vis

having challenged for the position of Free Scholar must now needs play the Prize, facing three Free Scholars, on two occasions, with three forms of the rapier, in the confines of Edzell Castle, in the County of Angus, in the land of the Scots on Sundaye the 8th day of June, Anno Dominae 2003, at 11 of the clocke, in the forenoon. This displaye of armes being open to all, thusly may this gentle showe her righte to join the Academy before all.

Thus say we,
Signore Antonio di Rienzo
Lord Acarin Saint-Cyr
Lord Goncalves de Monaes.

Vivat Drachenwald.