Stormhold Surveying Expedition

Let it be known that Baron Stormhold will be mounting a surveying expedition of the land in the west of his fief. To this end he seeks applications from suitably qualified individuals and companies. In particular all surveyors, engineers and cartographers are encouraged to represent themselves to his Excellency. In addition the services of a number of guards will be required due to the wild nature of the lands into which the expedition will venture.

The Stormhold Surveying Expedition (Definately not a WAR)

Start: 26 Jan 2007 - 10:00pm
End: 29 Jan 2007 - 10:00pm
575 James Lane, Fern Hill, Victoria

The surveying expedition will assemble at 575 James Lane, Fern Hill, Victoria and then proceed into the wilds of the Cairnfell Hinterland. Its commission will be to survey this wild area of Lochac, identify valuable resources and impose the Kings peace upon any brigands who may happen to be operating in the region.

Applicants should contact Lord Balthasar to indicate their availability.

In the manner of the Elizabethan court successful applicants will need to secure their position with a payment of currency being:
$65 before the 7th of January or
$75 before the 20th of January.
After this it may still be possible to join the expedition and applications received after the 20th of January will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Individuals who wish to join this expedition who are not citizens of the fair kingdom of Lochac will add an extra $5 to their application.

The Hills of Cairnfell are largely unpopulated so it is advised that expedition members bring suitable material such as tents, beds and whatever other equipment is appropriate to their station. Further more this area is known for its unpredictable weather. Snow is very unlikely but HAS been known to occur at this time of year.

Meals will be provided and will include dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, breakfast porridge and bbq lunch. You may wish to bring snacks. This is a camping event and there is no bunkhouse available. There may be tent space available for travellers if necessary, please tell us when you book and we'll see what we can do.

While it is often hot at this time of year, it can also be very cold. Please come prepared for all weather. Location:
Barony of Stormhold (Fern Hill, Victoria, Australia)