Worshipful Company of Pewterers to Form

Master Brendan Brisbane has announced that a formational meeting for a guild devoted to pewter casting will take place at AEthelmearc War Practice, Sunday, May 18, 2003. Master Brendan writes:

To all and Sundry,

I would like to make it known that there will be a formational meeting for the purpose of creating ....

The Worshipful Company of Pewterers

This guild will be based upon the medieval model of the greater city guilds, as such, it will serve to advance the art of pewter casting and associated arts. This guild would encompass anyone who may be working in small scale casting, white metal work (lead, silver, tin, and alloys), those who may be moldmakers, those whose interests lie in mining and/or metallurgical technologies, and those whose art may lie in research and resources.

The purpose of this meeting will be to make intial contacts and to discuss a tentative schedule for future meetings and workshops, guild structure, and to discuss in what manner we as a body of artisans can best work together to further our arts.

The purpose of the guild will be to unite those individuals whose interests and arts are closely related and enable those individuals to share knowledge and resources.

In keeping with the medieval model this guild will seek to sponsor and participate in charitable good works, to provide and/or sponsor educational oportunities for the greater good of the arts as a whole, and shall dedicate itself to the premise that we are better working together than in isolation.

Lastly, it should be known that this guild is open to anyone who can demonstrate in word and work of hand that they possess a knowledge of the craft. All those who so desire to join this company do so at their present level of knowledge, and must demonstrate annually to the membership of the guild how they have practiced their art, or otherwise furthered the purpose of the guild over the course of the previous year. Thus it is made plain that to satisfy these principles we must be an educational body within the guild, and within the Kingdom.

All interested parties should meet with me in the Barn on Sunday at 9am.

Your Servant,

Master Brendan Brisbane

For more information, contact Master Brendan (Robert Rich) at rpr119@psu.edu