Border War IX

Border War is back again! This year is Border War IX, held from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th February, 2007. And this year, we fight to save Our Lands from the invading Southern Army. Who will oppose us, and who will defend us?

Fighters, please note which army you will fight with when you make your booking - and to persuade you to the side of righteousness, please heed the following:
"The Shire of Bordescros has but 2 fighters - but we will willingly sacrifice them upon the field of war to defend the right and honour of our King and Queen. We are at this moment raising an army of mercenaries, with promises of largesse. Largesse? I hear you cry, What kinds of largesse? 500 yards of the finest silk; Innocent Virgins to be Despoiled as Thou wilt; Mead, Ale and Beer; Pieces of Eight and the like will be disbursed from our coffers at Border War, if thou shouldst survive. If thou shouldst die upon the field of battle, thou shalt be buried with greyt honour and thy widow and children shall be our kin for ever more."

Due to complications with our previous, though much-loved, venue at Noonameena, we trialled a new venue last year in Jindera, about 15 kms north of Albury. This year we are returning to the Jindera Sports Ground. Our main advantage at this site is an Oasis of Suffering - bliss in the February heat!

Border War is a fully catered camping event. Bordescros is becoming quite famous for its fantastic food and the upcoming Border War will again feature Lord Beoan and Lady Thomasina Freborn in the kitchen. Provided are cooked breakfasts and cold lunches, a soup kitchen on Friday night and an impressive War Feast on Saturday night! Please note in your booking if you have any dietary requirements.

The site will open on Friday at noon for an afternoon of preparation and entertainment. Saturday is WAR DAY. War in the morning, more war in the afternoon, as well as archery, rapier, collegia etc. The War Feast is on Saturday night, with a fighter auction for both heavies and lights. The Fighter Auction Tourney will be held on Sunday (fighter auction tourney details below).

DIRECTIONS: Turn on to Urana Rd from the Hume Highway (aka Wagga Rd/Mate St on maps) and follow the road out of Albury, up over the Gap until you get to the township of Jindera (about 15 kms from highway turnoff). After the 50 km sign, take the second left on to Dight St. The fire brigade and pool are on the corner of Dight St and Urana Rd and the Jindera Sports Ground is just behind the pool, take the first driveway on the left.

THE VENUE: This is a camping event, the cost of camping is included in the booking price. This year we will be camping on the oval - it is essential that all tent pegs are 8 inches or less so they don't damage the watering system. The site has all bathroom facilities.

This is a public venue and may be accessed by mundanes during the event, you are therefore advised to make sure your tents and cars are secure at all times and no valuables (including armour) are left unattended.

Motel accommodation is available at the Jindera Pub (about 100 m from venue, directly opposite the fire brigade, location above). Motel rooms are priced at $55 for a double, plus $10 for an additional single bed. There are only four rooms available, so please book early to secure a room (contact Jindera Pub on 02 6026 3258). Other accommodation is available at Albury (about 20 mins away) if you require additional information please contact the event steward.

FIGHTER AUCTION TOURNEY: The Border War Fighter Auction will be held following the Feast on Saturday evening.

Fighters will be auctioned and payment must be made in cash or by cheque at the time of the auction, or the sale is void and the fighter will be re-auctioned on Sunday morning prior to the Tournament.

An important point for fighters to be aware of is that Albury in February has a tendency to be very hot. This is why the fighting is timed for early morning and late afternoon. It is essential that fighters eat and drink in accordance with the conditions of the day, and in particular drink plenty of liquids in the form of electrolyte replacement or water.

All fighters entering the Fighter Auction Tourney are asked to bring a contribution to the War Chest. Patrons of fighters will choose booty from the chest according to the ranking of their fighter.

FACILITIES at Jindera Sports Ground:
Feasting Hall, extensive shade, male and female toilets/showers (and a bath!) Unlimited access, for just $3, to the Jindera Pool during open hours (1pm-7pm) Terrained battle ground for war, sports ground for Fighter Auction Tourneys

FACILITIES in Jindera:
IGA Supermarket, Pub, ATM
Only open Saturday morning: Chemist, Petrol Station

Jindera Pub: 02 6026 3258
Albury accommodation - contact steward for details Location:
Shire of Bordescros (Jindera, New South Wales)