Estrella XXIII Special Events & Maps

Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier, Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXIII, announces that the Special Events Schedule has been added to the event's website. Maps of the new site are also available online.

Unto the knowne worlde, many of you are wondering what the schedule is for all of the Special Events that will be at Estrella War XXIII this coming February. The tentative schedule will be posted to the website on the "Special Events Schedule" link by the end of this week.

Hopefully, everyone has been checking the Estrella War XXIII website and has taken the opportunity to review the new maps. Our site manager has been working very hard to make it as easy as possible for all of you to find the actual site with the least difficulty. The new maps give very good directions from north (Phoenix area) and south (Tucson area). Please, when you're planning on departing your homes to head to war, take a moment to print off a copy of the map so you will have the directions with you. Some of you may have had the opportunity to actually get out to the site before war but most I'm sure have not so I recommend you at least study the maps and plan your route accordingly. Please remember the site is private property and requires authorization for access. If you require access to the site you must request authorization through the main autocrats. They are available by email through the war website.

Respectfully submitted,
Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier
Baron to the Court
Estrella War XXIII Internal Publicity