Scouting Rules for Pennsic War Decided

Marshals of the East and Middle Kingdoms have made decisions regarding scouting at this year's Pennsic War. Lady Svanhildr writes:

After much discussion with people in the East and Mid as well as Duke Palymar, we now have the rules for Scouts that will be used at this Pennsic.

  1. Scouts must have gear inspected.
  2. All scouts must be 18 years of age or older
  3. All scouts must have a Pennsic 32 Site Medallion.
  4. All Scouts must have a minimum of 3 (2" x 3") white diamonds on their helm displayed so as to be seen from front back and both sides. It is advised that scouts wear tunics or tabards displaying a large white diamond on front and back.
  5. All scouts must meet the minimum standard for protective equipment, as detailed in the Society Marshal's handbook for a heavy weapon fighter.
  6. Scouts SHALL NOT carry a weapon. Scouts shall not carry a back-up weapon for the fighters in their units. Including Shields, Weapons, Crossbows, Bows, or Javelins. Scouts may carry an extra supply of Arrows and bolts or thrown weapons for their unit (excluding javelins), as long as they are carried in a bag.
  7. Scouts may glean arrows, rocks, and thrown weapons (NOT Javelins) from missile battles where gleaning is allowed. All thrown weapons need to be immediately placed in a bag to keep the scouts from being mistaken as fighters. Javelins may not be gleaned due to the higher probability of being mistaken for a fighter.
  8. Scouts shall not act as a living "Pavise" -- A Human Wall that archers can hide behind.
  9. Holds apply to scouts as well as fighters. When a hold is called, stop, drop to one knee, and remain where you are until a lay-on is called. There is to be no talking or moving during a hold. If the hold is local (affecting only a small area) and the scout is not directly involved, he/she need not observe the hold, so long as he/she will not violate any list, battle, or safety rules.
  10. In order to kill a Scout a fighter must enter weapon's range and declare, "Scout, you are dead." Weapon's range is defined as 10 ft. Scouts SHALL NOT be intentionally struck or touched by a fighter. REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES! Scouts may not run away once a Kill is initiated, they are dead if the enemy fighter is within 10' for any portion of the call "Scout you are dead". When a scout is killed, his/her information is lost until resurrection.
  11. A scout that is inadvertently struck on any legal target area of their body by a missile weapon is dead and must leave the field. This rule applies even if there is a friendly fighter between the scout and the origin of the missile weapon. Archers may not touch/strike scouts with their bows or crossbows.
  12. A Scout may not be (vocally) declared dead if he/she has a friendly fighter between themselves and the enemy fighter, even if the enemy fighter is within 10' of the scout. Fighters lacking proper identification (kingdom tape, inspection stickers, etc), not wearing their helmets, have their visors open, or not carrying a weapon MAY NOT kill scouts. Striking a scout will result in that fighter being removed from that battle. Further disciplinary action may be taken against the fighter.
  13. Scouts cannot kill anybody. Not even other scouts.