Cast Iron Chef Competition at An Tir's War College

The second annual Cast Iron Chef cooking competition will be held Saturday June 14, 2003 at the Three Mountains War College in Clackamas & Multnomah Counties, OR. Khalja khorkhoi writes:

Cooking Competition

Come one, come all for the second annual Cast Iron Chef cooking competition, to be held again this year at War College. The competition itself will be held on Saturday, June 14th. Come find out if the reigning champions, Ma Elring, will be able to defend their hard won title. They really pulled out all the stops last year, so the competition will be fierce.

Here is the challenge:

Bring your entire kitchen of raw ingredients, spices, cook books, cutlery, pots pans and the proverbial kitchen sink.

In morning court I will reveal the "mystery" ingredient (all that we have left in the besieged castle's larder) which will be the featured item in each of up to three dishes which your team can create in 3 hours on site. The mystery ingredient will be supplied by the competition host. All other ingredients will be supplied by the entrants.

We are hoping for the competition to start following morning court or no later than 11 AM so that we will not conflict with evening court and the potluck.

Here are the rules:

* Teams may be composed of NO MORE THAN 5 people.
* Teams may present up to 3 dishes for judging (the judges could barely walk after last years tasting)
* Entrants may borrow one and only one ingredient from outside of their team, but must remain on site. (No going to the store!)
* Entrants must present a list of all ingredients used.
* All ingredients must be known in period. Any questionable ingredient choices can be challenged and must be defended with documentation.
* Difficult/impossible to find ingredients may be substituted (judges discretion) for modernly available items. (i.e. White carrots are no longer easily available, so orange carrots are an acceptable substitute. You may have forgotten to bring turnips, but you cannot substitute potatoes for them because the original ingredient is easily obtainable in modern grocery stores).
* Any use of ingredients violating the competition rules will result in disqualification of the dish.
* Bread and soup stock may be made ahead of time and brought to the competition.

This year we are hoping to round up a panel of celebrity judges (volunteers please contact Svava).

The criteria for judging are (in descending order):

* Documentation (extra points for period recipes and use of ingredients in a period way. (ie all of the ingredients in a Rheuben sandwich date to period, but they were probably never served in that way, so the sandwich would not score as highly as corned beef sliced and laid on a trencher with onions, cabbage and slices of cheese). Bonus points for period cooking methods (cooking over the fire, making your own bread, etc)
* Complexity/Cooking Skill/Taste - How difficult was it to prepare, is it warm/burnt? If it was bland in period, we will not count that against you (ie flat beer is period but does not appeal to modern palates, this would not count against you).
* Use of featured ingredient (each dish gets one point and extra points for exceptional use of featured item).
* Presentation (is it attractively displayed, and is it presented in a period manner / setting (i.e. paper plates would not score as highly as trenchers. Subtleties earn extra points).

Any questions? Please contact Svava en Korta at Check for news and updates at on the website.

Also, for up to the minute news and for questions, you can subscribe to the Cast Iron Chef mailing list by sending mail to We hope to see you there!

===== Khalja khorkhoi, Baron