A Temperance of Cooks: Calontir Cooking Symposium

Greetings! Please find below the list of classes for the upcoming "A Temperance of Cooks" - Calontir Cook's Guild Symposium, April 28, 2007, in the Barony of Forgotten Sea. It will be an all-day event, with multiple tracks of classes, a potluck feast, and a lunch-time keynote speech provided by Duke Cariadoc of the Bow. We are hoping for a wide variety of classes on a number of topics, and will have capability for hands-on classes.

We would love to have you teach! If you would like to teach a class, please send myself (donyllc@stjoelive.com) and Gwen A Brooke (wombat_girl@hotmail.com) an email detailing the class topic, class title, class size, AM or PM preference, class fee (if any), and if your class needs a kitchen. Location:
Barony of Forgotten Sea (Kansas City Missouri)