Caer Galen Arts and Sciences

All ye gentles, hearken to the joyous words of Carrick and Katherina, Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen. Come learn, come enjoy, come view the amazing works of our local artisans at the Caer Galen Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition.

Competition Categories:

  • Best Blue & Gold or Baronial Entry
  • Youths' Open Category (up to age 16)
  • New Skill (anything new to entrant in last year)
  • Arts & Letters (Research)
  • Culinary Arts (provide enough for 20 lunch-sized servings for lunch)
  • Fiber Arts
  • Functional Arts
  • Performing Arts (5 min or less)
  • Visual Arts
  • Estrella Categories - Documentation is required
  • Instrumental Music Performance
  • Felting
  • Equestrian Equipment
  • Katrina Scroll Populace Choice Competition All scrolls will be going to Gleann Abhann to help replace those lost in Hurricane Katrina. Please contact Lady Jeanne Dyfrgi at for details and scroll blanks.

All entrants will have the option of:

  • being judged as per Kingdom A&S judging standards,
  • being critiqued with commentary only (no scores),
  • or entering their piece for display only.
Exceptions to any Kingdom requirements may be addressed on a case by case basis. Please contact the autocrat with any concerns.

As well as a Baronial A&S Champion chosen by Their Excellencies, there will also be individual category winners ("Estrella Categories" counts as a single category for prizes), Peers' Choice winners, and Populace Choice winners for Culinary Arts and Katrina scrolls.

To enter the competition, please send the following information to the autocrat by January 22nd, 2007:

  • SCA Name
  • SCA Group
  • Category
  • Title of Entry
  • Level of Judging (see above)
  • Space Requirements

We are currently scheduling classes. We would like to have a wide variety of classes to give people a chance to learn many new and exciting things. If you wish to teach a class please contact Mistress Meenakshi at mlpolson@yahoo.comNOSPAM (and delete the NOSPAM spambuster) with the following information:

  • Name of teacher
  • Title of class
  • Short description of class
  • Limit (if any) on number and/or age of participants
  • Needed supplies or cost of supplies/handouts
  • Other needs for class (power, projector screen, etc)

Donation Lunch and Cooking Competition:
Attention all cooks! Do you want to show off what you know? Do you want to express your love for period cooking? Then join the Caer-Galen A&S cooking competition. We want to show off your talent with period foods.

A list of ingredients must be provided, documentation is encouraged, and please prepare enough for 20 lunch-sized servings. After the judges have sampled and critiqued the entries, the remainder will be shared with the hungry populace for our donation lunch! There will be a prize for judges' choice and populace choice.

Please contact Lady Asta at and let her know if you'll be competing.

Site Fees:
Adult ~ $10
Youth (6-12) ~ $5
Child (5 and under) ~ free
Family Cap ~ $30 (does not include non-member surcharge)
Non-member Surcharge ~ $3 per person

Site is wet, but does not allow red wine.

The Unity Church of Boulder, 2855 Folsom, Boulder, Colorado 80304

From the South: Take I-25 to US-36 (exit will be on the left). Follow US-36 into Boulder; it will become 28th Street. Turn West (left) onto Valmont Rd. The church is on the southwest corner of Valmont and Folsom.

From the North: Take I-25 to 119. Follow 119 / Diagonal Hwy into Boulder. Turn South (left) onto 28th Street. Turn West (right) onto Valmont Rd. The church is on the southwest corner of Valmont and Folsom.

Zoraya de Navarra
(Jeanny Russell) Location:
Barony of Caer Galen (Longmont, Colorado)