"Stop and stretch" in memory of Count Sarnac

Countess Jolecia of Litchfield, wife of Count Sarnac Kir, has voiced a request in memory of her husband who died recently of a blood clot: stop and stretch!

Her Excellency writes:

So many of you asked "what can I do" or "Just name it and we'll be there", so here it is...my request...no my NEED:

Some of you have heard of this already, but I ask all to take this very seriously and in Sarnac's name. It is called the "Sarnac Stretch" (first called the Sarnac Stop, but revised to Stretch). This is a request...no a demand in his name that NO ONE out there sit longer than 2 hours at a time FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I'm serious here. The ONLY cause we can find for his death is the 5-6 + hour stints he would do at his computer every night - mostly playing World of Warcraft. Buy a timer, set it for 2 hours and if it goes off, get up and go for a walk around your house immediately. If you are driving (I know we have all have gone on the major road trips and "just want to get there, don't want to stop") ...well stop, get out and stretch, run around your car a few times. This counts for everyone in the car, it doesn't count unless everyone gets out. If you are on an airplane, walk the aisle. Take 5 minutes to save your life. Sarnac lay in the hospital and had done a lot of thinking about his life and how he was spending it, had he come home WoW would have gone out the window in a split second. He felt it was the cause and was so full of regret about the possible prevention, it was hard to calm him down when he spoke of it.

Get your guilds to do it, get your squires to do it, get your Knight to do it, get your kids to do it. I don't care who they are, get them up and moving every 2 hours and think of my honey baby when you do it. He was a big, strong, active man, taken down by his own body.

..and if anyone riding or playing online with you tries to tell you "we don't need to stop" you look them straight in the eye and say "no, and Joleicia didn't NEED to be a widow". It sounds harsh, but if that's what it takes to get this cause moving, I'll use it. Sarnac always feared those not on my side when I got my mind set on something, so please don't be there.

Think of it as your tribute to him. It costs you nothing but a little time and effort.


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