SCA equestrain website updated

Donwenna La Mareschale has announced that Society Equestrian Officer, Mistress Yaasamiinaan, has updated the equestrian website and is seeking to link the individual kingdom sites to the updated version.

Donwenna La Mareschale writes:

Greetings from Donwenna La Mareschale,

Mistress Yaasamiina , Society Equestrian Officer's (SEO) updated website is now available online. (Click "original article" below.)

Please update your websites to point to this URL. There are several old websites that were at one time the SEO website; for one reason or another they have not been taken down or modified. It appears that will not happen anytime soon, so we need to work hard to get this correct URL used instead.

IN addition, you will notice that the individual Kingdom EQ website URLs are now listed off this website. For those of you in charge of your websites, please do make sure that all the contact information is updated, that subscription information for your Kingdom EQ Elist is listed, and all your links are working.

The goal is to get the most correct and current information out to the populace to help grow our programs. To network with equestrians in G_A kingdom join

Lastly, if anyone has any ideas or comments of updates for the new SEO webpage, please contact me.

In service to the Horse,
Donwenna La Mareschale