Estrella War Hospitality Corps in need of donations

Frederick Buchanan, Deputy for the Hospitality Corps in charge of donations for Estrella XXIII, addresses the need for donated items at the upcoming War.

Lord Frederick writes:

Greetings to the Known World,

My Name is M'lord Frederick Buchanan and I am a Deputy for the Hospitality Corps in charge of donations. As you well know Estrella War is fast approaching and everyone is gearing up for the war. This includes the Hospitality Corps. We the members of the Hospitality corps are in need of several items.

For those of you who don't know whom or what the Hospitality Corps is, we help take care of the volunteers that keep the war running so the rest of us can have fun. We provide food and nourishment to those who volunteer at the war during their work shift. This comes in the matter of hot/cold liquids, snack items, fruits and hot meals during certain parts of the day.

Like most things these days there is a large demand and few resources. We at the Hospitality Corps are asking for donations of food items, dry goods and misc. equipment to supplement our pantry to better serve those who help keep the dream running.

This invitation is open to Households, Kingdoms, Principalities and Baronies, Shires and Colleges and to any one who would like to donate. We are not asking for money, just donations. If you are willing to donate items, please contact me at so to that I can log your donations and give a list of items that are needed. Anything that can be done will be appreciated and put to use.

Thank you for your time.

Frederick Buchanan