Wal-Mart says it will not remove fabric department

In an article dated December 4, 2006, Anita French of the Morning News reports that the retail giant Wal-Mart will not be closing the fabric departments in 80% of its stores by April 2007, as has been reported on a number of blogs.

Laura Richardson, a crafts, home decor and leisure analyst with BB&T Capital Markets, was reportedly told that the retailer would no longer carry cut fabric. A representative from Wal-Mart, Linda Blakely, said, "We will continue to have cut fabrics in our stores, moving forward. I don't know who (Richardson) is talking to. We are piloting a new assortment at stores, but that doesn't mean we're moving away from fabrics."

Read the entire story by clicking on the "original article" link below. A petition to keep cut fabrics at Wal-Mart is available at http://www.petitiononline.com/savefab/petition.html.

I asked at my local

I asked at my local Wal-Mart, and YES, they plan to close the fabric department. I've read a number of blogs where folks have asked at their local stores and have had the same answer.

Yes, Local to Close as Well

I, too, just this weekend asked at a local Wal-Mart and the employee told me that all Wal-Marts would be closing their fabric stores soon, as they cannot make enough money to compete with stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics.