SCA appoints interim Society Chirurgeon

Viscountess Kaellyn macDermott (mka Kim McAuley) has been appointed interim Society Chirurgeon until January, following the resignation of Dame Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur (mka Dr. Beth Hart-Carlock) due to health reasons.

Patrick Anderson, Interim President of the SCA, writes:


Due to ongoing health concerns and at her Doctor's recommendation, the Society Chirurgeon, Beth Hart-Carlock, OD (Dame Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur), has retired, effective December 15, 2006. The SCA, Inc. would like to thank Dr. Hart-Carlock for her years of service to the Society in this office, and hopes she continues to work with the Chirurgeonate as she may.

The Board of Directors has selected an interim Society Chirurgeon, Kim McAuley (Viscountess Kaellyn MacDermott) to serve for a time period not greater than the remainder of Dr. Hart-Carlocks term of office which ends in April of 2007. The SCA, Inc. thanks Ms. McAuley for this service.

The Board of Directors will be choosing, as planned, a new Society Chirurgeon at the January 2007 Board meeting. Applications for that job are due in hardcopy, to the Corporate Office by January 1, 2007.

If you have any questions related to this, you may contact the interim President at, or the interim Society Chirurgeon at

Very truly yours,

Patrick Anderson
Interim President, SCA, Inc.

Patrick Anderson (Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason)
Interim President
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. 952-412-4112

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