A&S Mavens to Consult at Lilies War

Maerwynn of Holme has announced that A&S consultation will be available at Lilies War. Maerwynn writes:

Looking for another venue to interact with other artisans? Competitions not really your cup of tea? Searching for something more interactive than a display?

Why not take part in the ARTS AND SCIENCES CONSULTATION at Lilies?

This is a first for Lilies, and an opportunity for artisans to learn about things they're interested in from people who know those subjects.

While especially geared toward new artisans and those who are not sure how to acquire the sources or where to start, this kind of consultation could also be helpful to more advanced artisans who want help with where to go next.

Here's how it works: Contact Maerwynn of Holme (maerwynn@cox.net) before June 1 and let her know the subject you are interested in or the project you'd like to discuss and she (and her team) will endeavor to find people knowledgeable in that subject to sit down with you on the second Saturday of Lilies at 3 pm and talk about their experiences and where to go for information and perhaps share ideas or look at your projects.

[If you are interested and willing to share your knowledge with other artisans (and who isn't?), please also contact Maerwynn (maerwynn@cox.net) and let her know that you are available.]

Please feel free to forward this to any who might be interested and to direct any questions, suggestions, or volunteers for the team to me.

Docendo discimus,*