Protectors of Insulae Draconis III

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! May these words be carried across all the lands of Insulae Draconis and Drachenwald. With humility the shire of Glen Rathlin calls all in Insulae Draconis to compete in tourneys of heavy weapons, rapier, archery and arts and sciences, so that the best of us can be selected as the Protectors of Insulae Draconis for the coming year.

Protectors of Insulae Draconis III
30th March-2nd April 2007
Ardavally Scout Camp, Milltown Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The site is very discreetly wet and opens at 8pm on Friday night and closes at 2pm Sunday. The site has crash space only but there is some fold out cots but no bedding. Smoking is not allowed inside but there will be an area set aside outside.

Cost will be 22 Euros until 1st March, 25 Euros thereafter. Price includes all food. Day, child and family rates available from the autocrat. Feast places cannot be guaranteed without full payment after 27th March. All reservations from the UK must be accompanied by full payment, cheques payable to SCA Club NI

Please contact the autocrat with any dietary allergies/issues and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Autocrat - Lady Sofia da Negroponte(Joanne Lafferty), Location:
Shire of Glen Rathlin (Belfast, Northern Ireland)