Laurels Prize Tourney Will Fund A&S Travel in Lochac

Mistress Bess Haddon and the Order of the Laurel in Lochac would like to announce a Laurels' Prize Tourney to help fund travel for A&S instructors. Unto the populace of Lochac does the Order of the Laurel send greeting.

We have often been asked by the gentles of Lochac to send teachers to their groups so that the Arts and Sciences may flourish in their areas. However, our kingdom is large, and the costs of travel can be considerable, so it is not always possible for members of our order to travel to where they are most needed.

In order to redress this, we have resolved to hold a fundraising 'Laurels' Prize Auction Tourney'. Unlike previous Laurels' Prize Tourneys, this will involve a real tourney, which will be run as a Fighter Auction. Prizes will be donated by members of the Order of the Laurel, and by other artisans of Lochac, and will feature some of the finest craftsmanship of the Kingdom. Prizes already promised include:

* rings made by Master Leofric
* a painted casket made by Mistress Rowan and Lord Nicodemus Novello
* an embroidered cushion by Master Bartolomeo
* a recipe collection by Mistress Esla
* Framed illuminations by Mistresses Yseult & Nerissa
* Brews by Master Drake and Master Ianto, in flasks by Master Alex
* Items of clothing by Mistresses Margie, Myfanwy and Miriam,
* performances by our entertainment Laurels
* and many other items of beauty and skill.

The money raised will be used to send members of the order to visit groups far from their own, and those who have donated prizes will be given priority.

The Auction of Fighters and the Tournament will be held at next Midwinter in Stow Hafoc, with the tournament held on Sunday 6 July at The Amphitheatre, Parramatta Park. We would appeal to the fighters of Lochac to participate, and to the artisans of Lochac to donate prizes of their making to this cause.

Artisans wishing to donate prizes and fighters wishing to participate please contact Mistress Bess Haddon on

Groups are invited to contact the Laurel Principal, Mistress Acacia de Navarre on to propose skills that they would like to have taught in their area, or Laurels they would like to have visit.

More information and details (including pictures) of prizes will appear on the laurels' page. Click on the header to visit the website.