Tournament of Love and Beauty II

The time is 1471 in England... In honor of the Feast Day of Saint Aldobrandini, the Barony of Ponte Alto is holding a passage of arms that exemplifies chivalric love and honour, both on and off the field, as can be found in the ballads and tourneys of the 15th century, including King Rene of Anjou's Book of Love and The Book of the Tourney.

Let all knights, barons, lords, squires and men at arms of the baronies of Black Diamond, Bright Hills, Caer Mear, Dun Carraig, Hawkwood and Hidden Mountain, Highland Foorde, Lochmere and Marinus, Nottinghill Coill and Sacred Stone, Stierbach, Storvik, Tir-y-Don and also Windmasters Hill, and all cantons, shires, colleges, and border-marches that are in this most noble kingdom of Atlantia and all other Known World kingdoms, who are friends of our monarchs, Ragnarr and Anneke, know that on the 24th of February, in the Barony of Ponte Alto, there will be a very great festival of arms and a very noble tourney with weapons of measure and tourney swords, in appropriate armor, with crests, coats of arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom. The passages of arms in both armoured and civilian style combats shall include personal challenges of matched weapons, over a barrier or without as it pleases the combatants. Also there shall be a grand melee, consisting of two teams in full harnesses.

The winner of the armoured tourney will "crown" their consort the "Queen/King of Love and Beauty". Whilst the winner of the civilian tourney likewise, will "crown" their consort the "Princess/Prince of Love and Beauty." Both of which shall be seated at the high table during for the feast day of Saint Aldobrandini.

And at this Tourney Of Love and Beauty there will be noble and rich prizes given by ladies and damsels for the exemplification of the ten knightly virtues; Courage, Justice, Mercy, Generosity, Faith, Nobility, Hope, Endurance, Humility, and Prowess.

Moreover, we entreat all such knights, barons, lords, squires and men at arms who intend to participate in the tourney to bring with them their best displays of heraldic achievements, including banners, shields, surcoats and crests. Contact Connor Sinclair at concerning rapier and heavy martial activities.

Arts & Sciences Activities: A&S Activities will take place in Sykes Hall, the heated building on the site, a short walk from the Barn and Troll. Please have entries signed in by 12:30 PM. Please have your entries picked up by 5PM. As the Baron and Baroness of Ponte Alto will be seeking to fill the position of Baronial Artisan, there will be a general A&S competition for any items. There will also be room for an open display of any items. Lady Luce Antony Venus, Ponte Alto's current Baronial Bard, is sponsoring the Bardic Champion's Competition. The theme of the bardic competition will be "love" and/or "beauty". Documentation is not required; period style is preferred. Entrants will sign up at Troll to receive a token as designation of their intention to compete. Their Excellencies will announce their new Bardic Champion during the evening court. For further information, please contact Lady Luce ( In addition, there are a great many other competitions you can enter:

Lord Connor Sinclair is sponsoring a best "Tournament Kit" contest for any period in the SCA scope. Documentation is encouraged but not required. Please email for questions.

Lord Jonah MacCoughlin is sponsoring three separate competitions, one each for the best beer, mead, and cordial. Documentation is encouraged but not required.

Lord James de Biblesworth is sponsoring a competition for the best use of 15th century accessories. Documentation is encouraged but not required.

St. Anne's Clothiers Guild is sponsoring a competition for the best entire 15th century outfit. Documentation is preferred. Please email for questions.

Adult, Member: $11.00 Day-Trip $7.00 Feast
Adult, Non-Member: $14.00 Day-Trip $7.00 Feast
Child (6-17): $7.00 Day-Trip $5.00 Feast
Child (0-5): Free Day-Trip Free

Cost Notes: Pre-registrations for Adult Members are only $10, and for children are only $6.00. All non-member fees include the $3 non-member surcharge.

Site: Loudoun County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175-7007. Dogs are welcome in the barn, but must be leashed and cleaned up after. There are electrical outlets along the walls of the facility. Site Restrictions: No open flames, no alcohol. Dogs are not allowed in the feast hall.

Feast: Meistr Gruffudd ap Cadfael (Carl Harris) will be preparing a sumptuous feast in the 15th century style. Space is limited to 100, so get those reservations in early! Please send dietary restrictions to (

Merchants: Merchants are welcome, and space is available. There is no additional merchanting fee and the spaces are approximately 10'x10'. You will have to provide your own display space (i.e. we are not able to provide tables). The merchant area is located in the heated feast hall where A&S will be displayed, and where lunch will be sold. Merchants are REQUIRED to present proof of a VA Sales tax number to the autocrat (Lady Courtney de Houghton). For more information on obtaining a VA sales tax number, please check out this resource. Please contact the autocrat ( to register for space and for more information.

Autocrat: Lady Courtney de Houghton (Courtney Houghton) E-mail:

Reservations: Lady Celia of Rosedale (Tamara Brown) E-mail:

Loudoun County Fairgrounds, 17558 Dry Mill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175-7007 From points North, South, and East: Take your best route to the Dulles Toll Road/Greenway (Rt 267) off of the Washington Beltway (I-495). Go through the toll booth(s) past Dulles Airport. Merge onto VA-7 W via EXIT 1A on the LEFT toward LEESBURG / WARRENTON. Take Route 9 West Exit (stay in left lane of exit). At STOP sign at end of exit turn left and proceed over bridge that crosses Route 7 (stay in the left lane). Proceed to STOP sign and turn left onto Dry Mill Rd. Travel approximately 1 mile to Fairgrounds entrance on left.

From points west of Leesburg: Take Route 7 East (Harry Byrd Hwy) towards Leesburg, VA. Take Route 9 Exit. At STOP sign at end of exit turn right and immediately get into the left lane. Proceed to STOP sign and turn left onto Dry Mill Rd. Travel approximately 1 mile to Fairgrounds entrance on left. Location:
Barony of Ponte Alto (Fairfax, Virginia)