The Fine Art of Mushroom Dyeing

Dorothy M. Beebee shares her research on the history and art of using mushrooms for fabric dyeing.

This commercial site includes quite a lot of information on dyeing as well as suggestions for further reading.


Nice but where is the SCA- or historical reference? If there is neither, why is it posted here?

mushroom dyeing

I see this post as useful on both accounts(SCA and historical). Many of us who are in the SCA or who work with historical costume are very interested recreating items dyed with natural materials; most of us are familiar with lichen dyes (perhaps of particular interest to people with Scottish persona) but hesitate to use them because of the endangered status of many varieties. I for one, am delighted to find a how-to book for this extremely plausible and plentiful source of color. All colors of the rainbow seeem to be represented. It will be interesting to compare these colors with lichen colors and speculate how much of the lichen color is due to the fungal component. Another avenue for research will be to see if there is any evidence for this use of mushrooms in the historical record. It's hard to see how such a source of color could be ignored. All in all, I find this a very helpful post.

First impression

When I saw the headline, my first thought was "God knows you wouldn't want drab mushrooms!"