Caerthen 12th Night

This event will showcase the best of Caerthe. Our Guilds, Artisans and Fighters are some of the best in the Kingdom. It's time to bring all of our finest together in 1 place, throw in some games and it is to be the most glorious event ever had in our fine Barony. Pomp and Circumstance, Heraldry and carnival style games, merchants galore, heavy & light fighting, archery (yep archery), A&S and Bardic.

Caerthen 12th Night: "Fair Extravaganza"
Celebrating the best of Caerthe
January 6, 2007

Site Information:
Highlands Masonic Temple
3550 Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80211

Site Fee: $12.00 per person Site ONLY (lunch served all day is included) $8.00 Feast only Off Board Seating will be available!!!

Autocrat: Ulrik Halvarson

The booths will be sponsored by the wonderfully talented Guilds of our Fine Barony. A portion of the funds raised from these games will be presented to ALL of the participating guilds.

We have lined up 1 of the most talented troops for your entertainment.... The Tynkers will be performing for the main event in the evening.

The idea is to bring a carnival/fare atmosphere to the days events. Coins will be issued at troll and can be purchased at anytime during the days events. Each participant of the games will pay 1 coin to make an attempt at winning the prizes available for the booths. These prizes will be more coins ranging from 1 to 50 coin value. At the end of the evening the coins will be used at an auction to purchase the ultimate prizes provided by the different guilds.

The best gamer has the best chance of getting the lovely prizes.

Feast Information:
There will be a buffet style lunch feast served all day. The theme is to be feasting throughout the ages. The evening sit down feast will be presented in the evening just after court. Off-board seating will also be available.

10:00am Site open
12:00pm Carnival Games begin
12:00pm Heavy Tournament: Finals for the best of Caerthe Tournament
1:00pm Light Tournament: Finals for the best of Caerthe Tournament
2:00pm Archery Tournament: Best hunter (stuffed animal hunter anyway) Tournament
3:00pm Bar room brawl: (open to everyone)
4:00pm A&S display and competition:
5:00pm Bardic competition:
6:00pm Court
7:00pm Feast and the Tynkers
11:pm Site Closes Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Denver, Colorado)