Farewell to Count Sir Sarnac, of Ealdormere

Count Sir Sarnac Kir (Ba'adur), eighth King of Ealdormere, died on December 4 after a brief illness. Friends in Ealdormere, the Midrealm, and elsewhere this week must say farewell to a Knight who will be fondly remembered.

Sir Sarnac became ill in late November and passed away on December 4, a young man taken from life early. He is survived by his lady, Countess Mistress Joleicia of Litchfield.

Sarnac and Joleicia have been active members of the Barony of Ben Dunfirth. In addition to his reign as King of Ealdormere, Sir Sarnac spent a great deal of time encouraging young fighters, and took a leading role in organizing the Novice Tournament at Pennsic War. Sarnac Kir was a squire to Sir Roak prior to his Knighting in 2002, at which time he took the appelation Ba'adur or Bahadur.

Awards and Honors

  • County, 2002
  • Knight of the SCA, 2002
  • Order of Thorbjorn‚Äôs Hammer, 2001
  • Award of Orion, 2003
  • Award of the Scarlet Banner, 2000
  • Award of Arms, 1997 (Midrealm)
  • Award of the King's Favour, 2005
  • Award of the Boar's Tusk, 2001

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