Twilight Pas De Armes and Pot Luck Feast

Come one, come all for a day off fun and frivolity in picturesque Fitzroy Gardens. Bring a plate of sumptuous food (for approximately 4-6 people) to share for the pot luck feast. Recline on a picnic blanket and wile away the hours. You are welcome to bring period games, sing songs or tell stories for your entertainment and that of the populace.

The tournament will be in the style of Pas de Armes. Combatants are encourages to come arrayed in their most splendid finery with a freshly painted shield, their armour polished and their banner flying. All combatants are asked to present themselves and their consort (if available) before their excellencies so that they may introduce themselves and proclaim their most noble deeds, each combatant is asked to declare the reason that they present themselves on the field. Bouts will be fought in a counted blows format of a number determined by the combatants. Combatants have the choice of facing their opponents in either open field or over the barrier.

A prize will be awarded to the combatant that has the best on field presence, being judged on prowess, chivalry and presentation. The Arts and Science Competition is for the best period dish served at the feast.

Date: Saturday 16th of December 2006
Time: Feast and other activities to begin at 3:30pm. Fighting to begin at 5:30pm.
Cost: $5 + a plate of food (no bookings required)
Venue: Fitzroy Gardens, Hobart, Tasmania (corner of Digney and Regent St)
Steward: Lord Wulfgar Jarnsioa (Dan Russell) E-mail:

Please contact the event steward if you have and questions. Location:
Shire of Ynys Fawr (Hobart, Tasmania)