Twelfth Night

As winter continues to tighten its grip on the mountain ranges of Gryphon's Lair, we gather together to end the season of winter festivities, and share good wishes with our friends and companions. Gryphon's Lair opens it gates once again to share its wealth and bounty at a joyous Twelfth Night celebration on January 6.

We will endeavor to explore and experience the varied traditions surrounding this close of the winter season. As all Twelfth Night celebrations must, there will be games, singing, story telling and, of course, for the children. In addition to some fighting fun for the heavy fighter, Terra Sylva will be hosting a Rose Tournament for the Duelists. A Lord and Lady of Misrule will be found amongst the populace to help guide and encourage the fun. Although the Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion will have been newly chosen, Baroness Bianca continues to encourage all artisans to come share their works at an Arts & Sciences display.

In addition to the fun and merriment, the Barony will hold a SCA Garage Sale and Potluck Lunch Fundraiser during the day, details to follow.

Most importantly, fair ladies, this is our day of respite from the toils of the year. Throughout the event, we will ask that our honored lords will pay us homage and help entertain us, relieving us of our household duties. The lords will be duly rewarded. Prizes and generous gifts will abound throughout the day to help ensure the health and wealth of the New Year.

This day has been made even more special as Their Royal Majesties, at Crown Tourney, informed our radiant Baroness of their intent to ask her a question. Please come share with us this special time as she ponders her response.

The close of the celebration will include a sumptuous feast. The menu will include a lemon chicken dish and a ginger-plum beef dish amongst other sumptuous removes. There will be a bardic provided under the auspices of the Baronial Bardic Champion Lady Bethany of Windemere.

On Sunday following the event, as we turn our heads to the coming conflict in fair Atenveldt, join the barony's fighters for a war practice. Time, location, and details will be provided as the event draws nigh. Her Excellency will be coordinating crash space so please contact her if you have a need.

Feast: $10 per adult (16 and over) and $5 for children 6-15. Paid pre-registration for the feast will close December 29, 2006 . Please send reservations to the address listed below.

Site: The event will be held at Clearfield Community Church . Site fee is $8 for adults, $4 for children (6-15), ages 0-5 free. Family cap is $28. The site fee is subject to the Non-Member Surcharge of $3 for all nonmembers 18 and over. Please make checks payable to the "Barony of Gryphon's Lair, SCA, Inc."

Additional feast and site details and event times will be posted on the Gryphon's Lair website.

Event Steward: Signý Gyðadóttir (Holly Goudy)

Feast Steward: Lord Brynjólfr Álarrsson (Brian Johnson) Location:
Barony of TwelfthGryphon's Lair (Layton, Utah)