Gryphon's Lair to Hold Fifth Annual 12th Knight Auction

Sir Daniel has announced that the Barony of Gryphon's Lair in the Kingdom of Artemisia will once again hold a charity auction, this year to benefit the northwest Chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation. The auction will take place January 6, 2007 at the Twelfth Night celebration.

Sir Daniel writes:


During the holiday season it's always a good time to take stock of our lives.

We all have the luxury of friends and extended family both in the SCA and, for most of us, in our mundane lives as well.

Sadly, this year we have lost many members of that family. It is hoped that those of us who left this earth did so with few regrets and surrounded by those closest to them.

This year, the 12th Knight Auction will be donating the proceeds to an organization that helps terminally ill children, many with cancer, to realize their dreams in the time they have left on this earth. Some of us have been involved with this group in the past, in particular children who wanted to 'meet a real Knight' or a Princess etc,.

Ask Sir Brand sometime why he wears only one spur. (but bring a tissue because it's a hard story to hear)

In that spirit, this year the 12th Knight Auction proceeds will go to the northwest Chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation.

Remember the rules. All donations must either be by members of the Chivalry or be sponsored by members of the Chivalry. Please use the following format when contacting me with your donations.

Approximate Value:

Please remember to bring your CASH or Checks ONLY to 12th Night. The auction will be at the usual time (just before TRM's Final Court) in the main ballroom. Items will be on display Friday Night and Saturday morning.

So far we have Sir Brand as Auctioneer, with more guess Auctioneers to be named later!

Sponsor: The Order of the White Lions
Donor: The Order of the White Lions
Description: Paul Chen Damascus Viking Sword
Approximate Value: US$300-400

Sponsor-Sir Daniel
Donor- Genevieve Marie Etienette de Montagne
Description-a banner of the winner's arm's or choice of arms.
Approximate value - US$50

Sponsor: Earl Cire
Donor: Harald Warrocker
Description: One dozen custom made arrows for the winning bidder. They chose shaft colors (two), draw length, spline, point style, and fletch color and design.
Approximate Value: US$120

Sponsor: Sir Aaron de Mantel
Donor: Baroness Rowena Kyncaid of Wastekeep
Description: an extensive sewing casket
Approximate Value: US$50

Sponsor/Donor: Sir Aleksii
Description: 4 22oz bottles of assorted fruit meads in a wooden box
Approximate Value: US$50-60

Please forward this or any other missive regarding the 5th annual 12th Knight Auction to any venue that may be interested.

In Service,

Sir Daniel