Caer Galen Midwinter

Welcome to Rome, 1497. As you admire the wondrous art and high culture of this, the finest of cities, be sure to watch your back. Intrigue is at its height as noble families vie for prominence. Even the mightiest houses are rocked with scandal. Lucrezia Borgia has accused her husband, Giovanni Sforza, of impotence and is filing for a divorce. In retaliation, Giovanni claims that his young bride has indulged in incestuous affairs with both her brother and her father! But beware of whom you share gossip with. Spies are everywhere in the courts, and the assassin's blade is ever ready to avenge a perceived slight.

Caer Galen Midwinter – An evening with the Borgias
Saturday, December 9, 2006 ~ Noon to 11:00 pm ~ Boulder, CO

Assassins' Tournament
Try to kill your target before you get targeted yourself. Pre-registration is HIGHLY encouraged. Sign-up with the Hermit by 1:00. Special weapons and services will be available from the Doge (with proper monetary consideration, of course). Details and rules may be found at:
• Please contact Baroness Morgan at foxesque@yahoo.comNOSPAM (and delete the NOSPAM spam buster suffix) if you wish to participate.

The Caer Galen Captain of the Guard Fencing Tourney
Our Captain of the Guard has grown weary of her responsibilities, and yearns for a life of leisure to enjoy the fortune she has earned during her year of duty. (Reminder: Bribery and blackmail are period.) Who will be the next Captain of the Guard? The list is open to all comers, with the title going to the highest placing Caer Galenite. Other prizes will be awarded to the list winner and to whomever catches the Baron and Baroness's fancy. (See above comment about bribery and blackmail.)

Arts and Sciences Competitions

  • Best Cooking Using Almonds ~ Documentation is recommended, but not required. (See above comment about bribery and blackmail.)
  • Best Use of Blue and Gold ~ Because this is Caer Galen, after all. A populace choice competition for the best or most creative use of the Baronial colors.

• Please contact Padraig O Suileabhain at sylvan_wolf@yahoo.comNOSPAM (and delete the NOSPAM spam buster suffix) with your entry's space requirements if you wish to participate.

Harp of Caer Galen Elections
All resident and ethnic Caer Galenites are invited to help select who has contributed the most to the Barony and who most embodies its ideals.

Caer Galen Musical Chairs
Waiver required. ;)

Children's Activities
Crafts for the bambini are being planned.

Toys for Tots Collection Bin
Donations of new, unwrapped toys will be gratefully accepted.

Feast Limit: There is a feast limit of 110 paid attendees. There will be a waiting list available on a first come, first served basis. THE ONLY SECURE RESERVATION IS A PAID RESERVATION

Site is wet, but does not allow red wine.

Site Fees:
Adult ~ $10
Child (12 and younger) ~ $5
Family Cap ~ $30 (does not include non-member surcharge or feast)
Non-member Surcharge ~ $3 per person
Adult Feast ~ $10
Child's Feast (6-12 years) ~ $5
Babe in Arms Feast (5 and younger) ~ free

The Unity Church of Boulder, 1855 Folsom, Boulder, Colorado 80302

From the South: Take I-25 to US-36 (exit will be on the left). Follow US-36 into Boulder; it will become 28th Street. Turn West (left) onto Valmont Rd. The church is on the southwest corner of Valmont and Folsom.

From the North: Take I-25 to 119. Follow 119 / Diagonal Hwy into Boulder. Turn South (left) onto 28th Street. Turn West (right) onto Valmont Rd. The church is on the southwest corner of Valmont and Folsom.

Mistress Signy von Velden

Baroness Morgan Rowanwaif
foxesque@yahoo.comNOSPAM (and delete the NOSPAM spam buster suffix) Location:
Barony of Caer Galen (Boulder, Colorado)