SCA joins with University Library in Toys for Tots drive

Thieves who stole Toys for Tots toys from a Salvation Army facility couldn't dampen the generosity of SCA members and Michigan University Library staff and patrons, who collected hundreds of toys. Mistress Siobhan O'Neill reports on the collection at Toys for Tots in Three Hills tournament.

I am delighted to announce the results of the joint University Libraries/Society for Creative Anachronism Toys for Tots campaign! We had a fantastic day Saturday, despite the ominous Friday storms. It was clear and beautiful, and the ice sparkled on the trees. It was really magical, and I truly believed in Santa Claus again, thanks to this amazing output of generosity.

At the University Libraries (Main, Education, Music and Dance) we collected US$78.62 in money, and 105 toys between November 14-30! That was added to the US$50 cash and 187 toys collected from 68 adults and 13 children at the first Toys for Tots in Three Hills tournament on December 2, for a grand total of US$128.62 and 292 toys!

Congratulations everybody! We did a fantastic job. The toy boxes were literally coming apart at the seams. We looked like a toy store! A couple of those Marines had 'that gleam' in their eyes observing the fighting, and I was so happy that the SCA people kept the Marines talking and interacting all day long. Santa Claus made an appearance in Court, Baron Garth and Baroness Kassia summoned the children to come forward, and they played at their feet as Santa announced the toy results. It was utterly charming, and the baroness (and others too) was moved to tears as she spoke on the worthiness of the cause.

It was also great fun to watch the mundane folk walk in and puzzle to themselves, "Gee, Martha, this doesn't quite look like the gun and knife show." The mature ladies at the greens sale were cautiously polite and inquisitive; they must have decided we were basically harmless. One finally asked if we were in a Christmas pageant. They did make quite a few sales to us; the goods were beautiful and the whole hall smelled wonderful.

Thank you, thank you to all of you who gave from the heart. We are going to make a lot of children very happy this year. In light of the recent theft of US$2000 worth of toys for this cause from a storage locker, the need is even greater this year. (I personally feel there's a special place in Hell for those thieves.) The link to the news story is below.

Siobhan (Yes, Virginia, there still IS a Santa Claus)