Shire of New Exeter demonstrates rebated steel combat

The Adrian Empire's Shire of New Exeter, in modern-day Jefferson City, Missouri, was the site of a live-steel combat demonstration that attracted the attention of Michelle Brooks, a reporter for the Jefferson City News Tribune.

The live-steel combat was only one aspect of the exhibit, which also included a medieval encampment that was open to to the public.

Participants in the Shire of New Exeter, which was formed in January 2006, are attracted to the Adrian Empire because they enjoy the group's hands-on approach to history.

"Medieval re-enacting is not learning about history by reading a book, but history by doing," Adams added. "Until you’ve sat down and woven chain mail yourself for several months, you don’t realize how much work it took, even using modern equivalents.

The Adrian Empire focuses on the history of western Europe between the Battle of Hastings (1066 CE) through the early 1600s.

Very cool. :)

Very cool. :)