Twelfth Night: A Day of Gifting

From ancient times, midwinter is the season of giving and receiving gifts. Come Bearing Gifts! Help us Celebrate! Gifts are the things that we share. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, some wrap-able, some not. Celebrate your gifts in the SCA -- what do you have to do, to teach, to donate? And in return, enjoy the bounty that the SCA has to offer to you.

We have several gift exchanges planned; come prepared to offer an item or a service for the day (No gifts over $12.00 please). Or bring canned goods for a food drive to give to our greater community.

Twelfth Night: A Day of Gifting in Tree Girt Sea
January 13, 2007
George B. Armstrong School
2110 W. Greenleaf
Chicago, IL 60645
10:30am to 9:30pm.

Site: $10 before Jan 1st ($12 after) ($3.00 surcharge for non-members)
Feast:$10 before Jan 1st ($12 day of, if available)
-- Smalls under 7yrs old: half off

site is 100% Handicap accessible. Site is BONE DRY. Location:
Tree Girt Sea (Chicago, Illinois)