Sir Alaric of Bangor Wins Lochac Crown Tournament

Sir Alaric of Bangor and Nerissa de Saye are the new Prince and Princess of Lochac. Members of the Lochac listserve report that Sir Alaric od Bangor was the winner of the May 10, 2003 Crown Tournament. Fighting for Nerissa de Saye, Sir Alaric defeated Sir Leofric Willowby de Brough who fought for Salaberge de Granson.

Sasha writes:

"Also notable were Sir Brusi, who won the wreath of chivalry, and Sir Ulf from New Zealand, who could not fight in the tourney proper but offered to fight all of the bi's and made himself very much a part of the days proceedings. There was a very big and heartfelt cheer when he won this one!

Stormhold's Ulvarr Mac Vannis (or spelling to that general effect) was presented the knotted sword for giggling as he died.

A very nifty and noble battle it was too. Outstanding courtesy on the field all round. One of the most polite and pleasent of such tourneys it has been my priveledge to see in a long time."

Karel of the Three Isles provides photos on his website.