High School Yearbook to Ban SCA Sword

Portsmouth High School senior and SCA member Patrick Agin may appear in the school yearbook wearing his chainmail, but the broadsword over his shoulder must go, say school officials. Bruce Burdett of the East Bay, Rhode Island newspaper reports.

In the article, Principal Robert Littlefield stated that "he does not believe students should appear in the yearbook armed — with swords or weapons of any kind." The rule affects Agin's senior photo which depicted him posed in some of his SCA gear. Heather Farrington, the young man's mother, also an SCA member, told the reporter, "To reflect his passion about re-enactment and his participation with the SCA, Patrick chose to sit for his senior picture in costume, specifically chain mail and a sword."

well, he did consider

well, he did consider briefly the photos we took of him at pennsic this past year in his animal skin loincloth before the great atlatl battle ....