Peers Created/Offered in Atenveldt

At Southern Crusades, in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, TRMs Phelan II & Elzbieta II elevated Carhoo of the Barony of Atenveldt to the position of Knight of the Society.

Carhoo, who was squired to HE Count Sir Johnathan Crusadene Whitewolfe the Younger, was put on vigil on Friday night and was created the 274th Knight of Atenveldt on Saturday upon the field of battle.

Their Majesties also offered the Laurel to Don Sim MacFhearchair (bardic arts) and Sir Donegal Buchanan (armor); and the Pelican to THL Renee ferch Claymore, protégé to HG Mistress Gretchen Gwynhwyfar, Duchess Claymore.