Ides of Yule Winter Ball

Winter comes fast upon us, and to open the festivities, Bright Hills invites you to our first Yule Ball, to be celebrated Dec 9, 2006 in Towson, Maryland.

The event flyer may be found here:

Dance List:

Beginner/Intermediate Track
(Rowen)     Pavans - Processional
(Rowen)     Earl of Salisbury Pavan
(Diana+)    Scotch Cap
(Diana+)    Hyde Park
(Nicolosa)  Amoroso
(Nicolosa)  Black Alman
(Constanza) Ballo del Fiori
(Constanza) Lorayne Alman
(Rowen)     Rufty Tufty
(Stefan)    Gathering Peascods
(Stefan)    Montarde Branle
(Stefan)    Official Branle
(Constanza) Cassandra/Pinagay/Charlotte Branle Suite
(Constanza) Petit Riens
(Nicolosa)  Ly Bens Distonys
(Nicolosa)  Hearts Ease
(Nicolosa)  Sellenger's Round

Advanced Track
(Stefan)    Picking of Sticks
(Bryan)     Gracca Amorosa
(Bryan)     Contentezza d'Amore
(Diana+)    Nonesuch
(Stefan)    Saint Martins
(Diana+)    Whirligig
(Bryan)     Rostiboli Gioioso
(Bryan)     Parsons Farewell
(Bryan)     Up Tails All/My Lady Cullen (request for "progressive" ECD)
Barony of Bright Hills (Towson MD)`