Ildhafn Bids Fond Farewell to Caid

Lochac list: In an open letter read at Court during Lochac's Crown Tourney May 10, 2003, members of the Incipient Barony of Ildhafn expressed their sentiments about joining the Kingdom of Lochac. Posted by Maggie Forest to the Lochac list:

This missive has been read out in court at Crown. As it is addressed to all of Lochac it is, I think, appropriate that it also appears here:

Unto the assembled populace of the Kingdom of Lochac, greetings from the Incipient Barony of Ildhafn!

Upon the tenth day of May, this Anno Societatis XXXVIII, our lands along with Southron Gaard, Darchester and other Royal lands in the Southern Reaches will be transferred to the Kingdom of Lochac. We, the people of Ildhafn, have friends in many of your lands: Stormhold, Rowany, Politarchopolis, St Florian's, Riverhaven, Arrow's Reach, Torlyon, Stowe and others too have hosted members of our populace over the years, and in the future we hope to meet many more of you.

We wish it also to be known to all of you that our parent kingdom Caid fostered us until we were ready to become a barony, and that on the twenty-first day of June this year, Their Majesties Lochac will invest us. We extend a warm welcome to any who would join us to celebrate this event, and at the same time celebrate both our past and our future. It is a momentous time for us and we would share it with our friends, old and new.

Your future countrymen

Asbjorn Pedersen Marsvin, Baron Elect Inconfirmatus
Marienna Jensdatter, Baroness Elect Inconfirmatus

Isolde of Ildhafn, Seneschal
Willehelm von Tannenburg, Marshal
Emrys Tudor, Captain of Archers, Chirurgeon
Benedict Stonehewer of Askerigg, Blue Lymphad Herald
Sancha da Sylva, Arts & Sciences
Beatriz de Santiago, Constable
Estrid Henningsdatter, Exchequer
William de Cameron, Rapier Marshal
Teresa d'Arrezo, Chatelaine
Fulk de Cherbourg, Deputy Seneschal Incipient Canton of Cluain

The populace of Ildhafn and Cluain