Yule Revel & Arts & Science Championship

We send good tidings! This missive to invite all to join us for our annual Yule Revel and Arts and Science Championship on December 2 2006.

We will be having the Shires Arts and Science Championship and is open to all. Our Arts and Science Minister Marco dei Caprioli will be running the championship again this year along with his new Deputy, Lady Cassandra. . If you have any question you can contact him at marcocaprioli@yahoo.com. Kingdom Rules apply. Winner of the competition will wear the Shire Arts and Science Cape for the up and coming year. The will also be as beginner category for people who have never entered an A&S competition, this is a place for the beginner to get their feet wet in A&S competition.

The Shires Fiber Guild will have a display set up and others are welcomed to display as well.

Our Lady Sorcha will also be providing youth activities for the young ones. The good Lady’s plans are for a youth triathlon.

There will also be Heavy and Rapier Fighting if weather and or time permits.

Our Chef for the event will be our own Lord Wolf the Yoman and this good gentle has a delectable feast planed sure to please you palate.

Site Fee $5 ($8 with the non member surcharge)
Feast Fee: $6

Church of Incarnation
600 3rd Ave North
Great Falls, MT

Site opens at 10 am and closes at 10pm

If you have any question or special Dietary or question about the Art and Science competition please contact the following:
Event Steward: Lord Maximillian von Passau : maximillian_von_passau@yahoo.com
Event Chef: HL Wolf the Yoeman : wulph_hagen@yahoo.com
Minister of Arts and Science: Lord Marco dei Caprioli: marcocaprioli@hotmail.com
For crash space please contact Lord Marco dei Caprioli: marcocaprioli@hotmail.com Location:
Shire of Stan Wyrm (Great Falls, Montana)