Meridian Army Northern Cohort War Practice

Come one come all to MERIDIAN ARMY NORTHERN COHORT WAR PRACTICE Saturday December 2nd Sponsored by MERIDIAN NORTHERN COHORT 1st CENTURY and The Shire of Easaraigh.

From 9 am to 5pm. To be held at Cane Creek Park in Cookeville, TN.

There will be a FUNDRAISER LUNCH served by the Shire of Easaraigh.

DIRECTIONS: The park is almost exactly 3 miles from I-40 at Exit #286.

Take your best route to I-40 in Tennessee, Exit #286 at Cookeville. From the exit turn North into Cookeville on WILLOW AVE. Proceed 1.4 miles to the intersection of WILLOW and JACKSON AVE. Turn LEFT onto Jackson, you will pass a McDonald's on your left and a CVS Drugstore on your right. Proceed .7 miles on Jackson to the intersection of Jackson and BUFFALO VALLEY ROAD, top of the hill with a BP station on your left. Turn LEFT onto Buffalo Valley Road, proceed .5 miles to the intersection on Buffalo Valley and CC CAMP ROAD (you should see a small sign for Cane Creek Park).Turn RIGHT onto CC Camp Road, proceed.2 miles to the entrance to CANE CREEK PARK on your left. It is clearly marked. Once inside the park the road becomes one-way. Follow the road around the loop over the hill to SHELTER #3. We will try to have SCA signs at strategic locations. The shelter has 20 parking spaces, and contains 10 large picnic tables, power plugs (110v), 2 grills, 2 trash cans, water fountain. Plenty of shade trees all around. There is a playground and swing set for the kids right beside the shelter, plus 2-3 more picnic tables scattered around. Restrooms are just across the street about 30 yards away at the other (larger) playground. There is also more parking over there. Right beside Shelter #3 in the park is a section of field,approximately 40 yards X 100 yards. About 2/3 of the field is on a gradual slope, maybe just a bit steeper than the big field at Gulf Wars. The top 30 yards or so of the field by the shelter is pretty level. Location:
Shire of Easaraigh (Cookeville, Tennessee)