Solstice Court and Baronial Investiture

Greetings to all throughout the glorious lands of Artemisia. It is the pleasure of the Barony of Loch Salann to invite you to join us as we celebrate the winter and partake of many fine delights related to wintertime, including entertainment, fine food, and good companionship. We will also be welcoming a new Baron and Baroness who will be invested that very day. The opening court and investiture are scheduled to commence at 11:30 am - please see below for a more detailed schedule.

Two arts competitions will be held during the day: "Clothing from a Portrait" and "Winter".

  • The "Clothing from a Portrait" competition, sponsored by Lady Ashé'el (, has the following rules:
    1. You need to have a copy of a portrait of what you recreated.
    2. A page with swatches of what you used.
    3. A diary of your construction.
    4. A picture with you in your outfit.
    5. You must be wearing the outfit at the event.
  • The "Winter" competition is sponsored by Dame Theodora ( This is open to wide interpretation. It can be something done in winter, made in winter, for use in winter, or writing or song about winter. One page of documentation is required - please make sure your documentation demonstrates how it ties into the theme of Winter.

Other Activities
We plan to offer dancing throughout the day with music provided by the talented Musicians Guild of Loch Salann. Other musicians are welcome to join them. Bring your dancing shoes, entertaining songs and prose (appropriate for families please). Other activities may occur throughout the day, including limited youth activities. If you are interested in leading activities for youth or others, please contact the autocrat.

You may set your feast table as soon as the site opens. Please only set/ save table space for those in your immediate party - the table space can be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Please do not take table space if you are not staying for the feast. There will be chairs available on the main floor for your use if you are not staying for the feast. If you are interested in offboard seating, you must contact the autocrat in advance, as there may not be space available otherwise.

The feast menu consists of bountiful quantities of hearty and delicious German fare to be prepared by Sayyida Nisa and her wonderful staff, and is planned to include all of the following items:
Bread with sweet and savory butters
Salat, apple slices, and hard boiled eggs
Lentil Soup
Chicken stuffed with apples and prunes, Parsnip Cakes and Swiss Chard
Rinderrouladin (meat rolls), with spaetzel (pasta) and cauliflower with white sauce

Feast will be by prepayment only. Cap is 150 persons. Please make checks payable to The Barony of Loch Salann, SCA, Inc.

For each person included in the payment, please include a list of who and what (legal name, SCA name, member number or age if child, $feast, $site). To receive confirmation, include a self addressed stamped envelope or your email address.

At the Door / Pre-paid
Adult (Member): $10 / $9
Adult (Non-member): $13 / $12
Child (6-15): $5 / $4
Child (under 6): free

Prepaid discount by November 25th only!
Family Cap (immediate family only): $30.00 at the door / $26.00 prepaid.

Feast (Pre-paid only)
Adult (anyone 12 and older): $10
Child (6-11): $5
Child (under 6): free

To speed your time at check in and receive a $1 site fee discount per person (maximum $4 per family cap), site fees may also be prepaid. Reservations and payments must be postmarked by November 25, 2006.

The schedule of events is as follows:
9:00 am Site Opens
10:00 am Combined Gold Scarf and White Scarf meeting
Registration for Arts Competitions begins
11:30 am Opening/Investiture Court begins Following Opening Court Judging for the Arts Competitions will begin
Throughout the afternoon Dancing, children's activities, games, etc.
1:00 - 2:30 pm Combined Peers Meeting
3:30 pm Dinner begins
During dinner and into the evening at the whim of Their Majesties and Their Excellencies Court and other activities may occur
8:00 pm Closing Court
10:00 pm Site cleanup begins
11:00 pm Site Closes

The site is the beautiful Masonic Temple Banquet Hall at 650 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. The site is discreetly damp - period containers only. The site opens at 9:00 am and closes promptly at 11:00 pm. There are some stairs into the banquet hall. If you will need assistance, please contact the autocrat in advance.

Directions to the site from the North: Take the King's Highway (I-15) south to Salt Lake City. Take the 400 South exit (exit #307). Turn left (east) at the bottom of the offramp. Go approximately 2 miles to State Street. Rest of directions below following ***

Directions from the South: Take the King's Highway (I-15) south to Salt Lake City. Take the 600 South exit (exit #306). The offramp will put you on eastbound 600 South. Go approximately 1 mile to State Street. Rest of directions below following ***

*** Turn left (north) on State Street. Go approximately 1 mile to South Temple Street. Turn right (east) on South Temple. The Masonic Temple will be on your right side on the southwest corner of South Temple and 700 East. Park in the rear of the building and use the rear entrance. There will be signs to show you the way.

Autocrat: Dame Theodora of Trebizond, OP (known as Thea) Rachael Emborg)

Feast Cook: Sayyida Qamar an-Nisa al-Anatolia (known as Nisa) (Christina Kirgis) Location:
Barony of Loch Salann (Salt Lake City, Utah)