MacGregor Historic Games

MacGregor Historic Games offers a variety of board, dice and card games from the past. They have added a discounted, downloadable version of the complete collection of rules they have compiled for the historic games that they sell. Each one includes a little history of the game as well.

The proprietors like to say that games are like languages. They have dialects and they change as they go from place to place, so they include as many variations as they can find for classic games of the past.

The game rules available for download include:

  • Backgammon (32 variations)
  • Checkers (20 variations)
  • Cribbage (15 variations)
  • Dominos (19 variations)
  • 13 Early Card Games
  • 18 Early Dice Games
  • Mancala(20 variations)
  • Tarot Card Games
  • Pope Joan (and three related games)
  • 9-Man & 12-man Morris (plus two other versions)
  • Plus rules for Hnefatafl, Fidchell, Ringo, Gluckshaus and variations on Shut the Box.


We recently created a little video showing the history of knucklebones as dice or a Jack-related game



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We also offer wholesale

We also offer wholesale pricing on our games and reproduction playing cards.