Firenze e Milano

A chill is in the air, and the leaves have turned. The harvest is being taken and the bounty of the land lends to celebration. This means that winter comes soon. But even in the bleak midwinter, there is cause for celebration.

Their Excellencies Sir Gregor and Lady Monika invite one and all to celebrate the Midwinter with them in their Barony of al-Barran upon the Feast of Saint Valentine. There will be classes in the morning, and court in the evening; dancing to follow. The King of the Outlands wishes it known that He commands His Peers to attend him in the morning, sitting in Circle; Laurels, Pelicans and Chivalry.

The day following, His Majesty calls all His Armies to muster for a War Practice, to prepare for the Estrella War. For your convenience, there shall be a Poor Fighter's Luncheon to nourish and warm all who attend.

A more detailed schedule is located on the website, as well as the reservations form, which must be postmarked by 30 November 2006; As always, the surest reservation is a paid one. Finally, for the out-of-town guests, we have secured a block of hotel rooms at a very good price, and the information is also on the website. Mention the SCA during reservations to get the rate of $64.95/night.

Representatives for the Stewards shall be at Fighter Practice these coming weeks to provide reservation forms and to take payments in person (thus saving postage). Make checks to SCA - al-Barran.

Buon giorno,

Æthelwulf, Autocrate
Vladimir Igorevich, Amministratore Di Festività

Expo New Mexico Youth Hall
Bataan Memorial Park Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Albuquerque, New Mexico)