Helm and Crossbow Stolen in the Outlands

Baron Larke reports that his truck was broken into November 19, 2006 in the area of Aurora, Colorado. A helm, mundane tools and a combat crossbow were stolen.

Helm description:

"The helm is custom built and has decorative bands (somewhat persian) on the top. The face grill bears resemblance to a butterfly. One of his armor arms was tucked inside the helm. It is made of black plastic barrel."

Crossbow description:

"The combat crossbow is made of cherry. The device painted on the side is Quarterly azure and argent five crosses crosslet in saltire counterchanged."

His Excellency asks that SCA members in the area keep a lookout for items for sale under suspicious circumstances.

Anyone with information should contact Herrin Drahomira von Augsburg" at drahomira_von_augsburg@yahoo.com