Hobby Horse Crusade

Don't forget the Hobby Horse Crusade, second Saturday of December, Ainslie, ACT (Politarchopolis). $15 members, $18 non-members, $5 kids 8-16, and if you book as a family before the end of November, one adult gets in for the kids' price.

Although it's aimed at being kid-friendly, it's not kids-only. We're focusing on entertainment, so it's a good one to bring newcomers to, or maybe just a good light-weight fun event without politics and pain, if you've been finding the SCA a bit heavy-going lately.

Bookings to Adelindis (Liz) bookings@flurf.net. Bookings without payment are OK, but if you find you can't make it at the last minute, you just have to let us know and we won't send the hounds after you. Location:
Politarchopolis (Ainslie, ACT)