Darter's Pennsic 35 Photos Online

Darter the Chronicler (Ron Lutz II) has posted his photo galleries from Pennsic 35 (2006). Darter is the photographer who produced the wonderful 2006-2007 Pennsic War calendar.

Darter writes:

I have finally had a chance to catch up on processing photos and my Pennsic 35 photo galleries are now OPEN to the public. My apologies for taking SO LONG to do the work, life has been very busy. In fact I recently married and have moved so I hope you all can understand the delay.

I tried to capture different subjects from the previous years. There is SO much to Pennsic that I feel I can do something different every year and never run out of options.

Please feel free to visit the galleries. You can leave comments directly under any photo or in a gallery itself. The names of people or anything else you wish to write is always a welcome addition. Just please no snarky or rude comments. I just delete those.

Also, I am still selling Pennsic War calendars on eBay. They run from last Pennsic to the next with a count-down of how many days until Pennsic 36. I'm lowering the price for the holidays, so be sure to get some for your SCAdian friends! LOL

One more thing I would like to mention is that I will be for sale at Vlad's Slave Auction again at Pennsic 36. You can bid on my photo services and as long as I have no prior commitments I'll shoot any event or subject of the winner's choice.

The Pennsic galleries may be viewed by clicking on "original article" above.

The Pennsic calendars: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270057261011

Thank you,
Darter the Chronicler

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