Diverse Pleasures IV

Greetings from Baroness Elizabeth Rae, Heather Buchanan, of Canton des Forges. I am writing to you as the A&S coordinator for Diverse Pleasures IV. The event is a one day event, January 27, 2007, at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Birmingham.

This year, the event will be a little different. In addition to classes, there will be an A&S display area. What we have envisioned is an area set up for people to display their entries and to spend some time there to answer questions from the populous as well as receive feedback from other artisans. There will be provided tables, chairs, comment cards, and pencils. We hope that the entrants can use this as a dry run for Kingdom Arts and Sciences. I am asking that entrants contact me at least 1 week prior to the event so I can plan for space and tables. Even though this isn't a true competition, there will be a "Populous Favorite" chosen from the entries.

I am also seeking gentles interested in teaching at Diverse Pleasures. There will be a reduced rate for those who are teaching. If anyone is interested in teaching a class, please contact me. My email is baronesserae@yahoo.com. (Please include something in the subject field to let me know the email is event related.) Classes will be in 1 hour blocks, (you may request longer) with midday lunch, possibly court, and feast in the evening.

Also, there will be a room set aside for heraldic consultation. Mistress Amecia has agreed to come and help the populous with their heraldic needs. Bring your ideas and research and let her help you through the heraldic processes.

Due to our venue, we cannot have any displays or classes on brewing or alcohol related subjects. This is an absolutely dry site as well.

In Service,

Baroness Elizabeth Rae
baronesserae@yahoo.com Location:
Canton des Forges (Birmingham, Alabama)