Jarl Peregrine Mackay elevated to Chivalry in Drachenwald

September 9, 2006, at Raglan Castle in Wales, TRM Moira and Michael of Drachenwald elevated Jarl Peregrine Mackay to the Order of Chivalry. He was knighted on the field, following a series of fighting scenarios in and through Raglan Castle.

Sir Brendan the Tired, Prince of Nordmark, spoke of his chivalry and mastery of the arts of war.

Master Sigmundr Haakonarsson, companion of the Laurel, spoke of his labours in the arts, and of his wit and gift of storytelling.

Master Etienne Fevre, Companion of the Pelican, spoke of his service, not just to this kingdom but to many, and of how Peregrine had changed over time, and gained Etienne's respect, to become a man Etienne was now proud to call his peer.

HG Allessandre Melusine, with whom Peregrine had once reigned in Drachenwald, spoke of his courtesy and gentleness.

Sir Brendan fastened a new set of spurs to Peregrine's feet.

The belt was a gift from his Majesty Michael: it was one he himself was given at his 10th anniversary as a knight, and had seen some years of service.

Lady Katherine of Glastonbury, Peregrine's longtime friend, was pleased to draw it round him and buckle it for the first time. (Sadly, Sir Peregrine's lady Countess Anna and his daughter could not attend the event.)

The chain was a gift, and came with greetings from Sir John Peregrine, who could not attend that day, which were read by HG Radnor of Guildemar, a guest from the West Kingdom.

Having had no official vigil, after the knighting Sir Peregrine was escorted to a vigil room where he could hear the thoughts and words of his brother knights into the evening.

I was pleased to witness these events along with so many friends of Jarl Peregrine's, from all regions of Drachenwald.

Your servant,

Genevieve la flechiere