Rowany Yule Feast

If you are planning on attending the always fabulous Rowany Yule Feast (and why wouldn't you be), then you should probably let us know and save yourself some money, us some stress and make sure there's enough yummy food for you.

Date & Time:
Saturday 2nd December 2006
Hall opens at 6pm

Imar Youth Charitable Hall, cnr The Strand & Paisley Roads, Croydon NSW

Event Cost:
$25/$30 until 30th November
$30 at the door

You've already missed one cut-off, don't miss this next one!

Clara van de Keere (Karinne Taylor)

Bookings to:
Caterina Sansovino (Adrienne Waters)

If you've already emailed your bookings to Clara, don't stress, we've received them and it's all good.

Cheques payable to SCA Rowany. Location:
Barony of Rowany (Croydon New South Wales)