New Heirs in AEthelmearc!

AEthelmearc list: Sir Henri d'Artois was victorious in Saturday's Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. On the AEthelmearc list, Ladies Antoinette and Dorinda reported that Sir Henri d'Artois was the victor of Crown Tourney with zero losses. He defeated Viscount Master Robin Wallace in three straight bouts in the final round. Sir Henri was fighting for Mistress Berengaria d'Hainault and Viscount Robin for Vicountess Mistress Isabeau de l'Isle. Sir Henri had earlier defeated Baron Tristen Sexwolf fighting for Baroness Narah bint Durr and Viscount Robin defeated Sir Maynard von dem Steine who fought for Lady Christina de la Rosa.

Dorinda also reported that THL Khalek Shuuray Od, fighting for Lady Braanwyn Ferch Gwythyr, was asked to hold the Shield of Chivalry.