Eostre Training Event

Over Eastertime in 2007, Micel Folcland--the Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois branch of Regia Anglorum--is pleased to announce that four training officers--Ian Uzzell, Hazel Uzzell, Jennifer Uzzell-Smith and Jonathan Smith--will be spending a week in the States, training us for martial activities, inspecting accuracy and making a good presentation at the LHE.

Further details and up to date information at http://www.advancenet.net/folo/TrainingWeekend.htm.

Attendance is free, but donations will be asked. Hands-on weapons training may be restricted to members of Regia Anglorum; memberships will be sold at the event. Attendees need not attend all sessions; times are 10-4 daily except Easter. Location:
Illioni Union, Urbana, Illinois