First Knight Elevated in Gleann Abhann

On Saturday, November 18, in the Shire of Iron Ox, the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann created its chevalier, or first knight.

Havordh and Mary-Grace, second King and Queen of Gleann Abhann, made the offer on Friday at a midnight court to Viscount Uther von Ziemer, 10th prince of Gleann Abhann. He sat vigil that night and was elevated by Padruig and Linnet following their coronation the next morning.

Notes of congratulations came in from all over the Knowne Worlde, and foreign guests included Martin II, King of Trimaris, Duke Gregory Ahearn, Duchess Maisie of Dunbarton and Lord Vallaulfr Rurikson.

Baron Rory ua Riada was elevated earlier this year as the first Pelican (and first Peer) of Gleann Abhann. Who will be the first Laurel? Stay tuned!