Tavern at Kingdom's Edge

The chill winds from the North are beginning to blow us on the Journey home and as ye travel from the far reaches of the Kingdom a rumor can be heard far and wide of the Tavern at Kingdom's Edge.

Again this year the Tavern opens its doors to visitors. Hosts Ian Duenbreck and Lord John MacPherson of Badenoch bid you all welcome. Renowned Chef Lord Bressil MacCulloch is heating his pots as we speak and a full menu will be available upon arrival.

Beware; however, as brigands abound in this area and they once again threaten the joyous gathering. Their daggers fly and their poisons make ill unless you have your wits about you. Fighters with their weapons heavy, fencers with their blades so swift, and archers with their accurate bolts are already planning to attend for your protection.

So come one and all to the Tavern at Kingdom's Edge, November 17, 18 and 19 AS 41 (2006) at Cabell County 4-H Camp Barboursville 25504. Site will open at 7pm on Friday and close at noon on Sunday.

Off board fee for the event is $10.00, if you wish to dine with us on Saturday night your on board cost is $16.00. Children will be $5.00 and $9.00 respectively.

For more information please email either Ian Duenbreck at john.perry0505@gmail.com or Lord John MacPherson at garde_ecossaise@yahoo.com. For advanced reservations of bunk space or dinner; or if you have a group that needs a cabin, please send your request to Ian Duenbreck at john.perry0505@gmail.com.

Directions: (SCA signs will be posted)
Take your best route to I-64 towards Huntington, WV. Take Exit 15 to Route 60E. Follow approximately 1 mile and turn right onto Alt. Route 10. Follow approximately 2 miles and turn left onto 4-H Camp Road and cross bridge. Site is 100 yards on the left. Please do not drive or park on the grass.

Shire of Port Oasis (Barboursville, West Virginia)